Business Loans – Advantageous Economic Conditions

The initiative provides for the provision of unsecured loan in the medium to long term to push business investments and encourage entrepreneurs – in the wake of the financial recovery – to seize the investment opportunities that arise. The maximum amount to be requested in order to enjoy the advantages offered by the project is equal to 50,000 euros to be returned with a repayment plan spread over 5 years.


Business loans, advantageous economic conditions

Business loans, advantageous economic conditions

The rates of loans to companies will be facilitated and the costs of preliminary investigation reduced. For companies that require financing in order to launch medium-long term investments, the benefits associated with the super-amortization provided for by the decree of the new 2016 Stability Law will be added, pending approval by Parliament.


Furthermore, the economic conditions will be more advantageous if the company, the firm or the beneficiary freelancer are supported by one of the 30 Confidi affiliated, a collective guarantee consortium of the alliance or by the intervention of the small business.

We underlines that the project ‘We give credit to the recovery’ opens the door to the commercial planning of the new credit institution and adds: “we want to recover our role as the reference bank of the Region”. And it continues: “the strengthening that has just been completed strengthens us from a financial point of view and allows us to propose financing at advantageous rates”.


Beyond the loan to companies, so many projects

Beyond the loan to companies, so many projects

The will power of the institute to go ahead looking to the future with optimism is found precisely in the many projects in the pipeline. In addition to the small business built program, in fact we also extends a hand to the private sector. For example, ” Recipe Casa” is dedicated to families, a package of residential mortgages, already existing and renewed with many new proposals. To welcome new private customers, offer the opportunity to extend the duration of the package which, not by chance, is called ” Benvenuto Privati ” which proposes the opening of a current account on favorable terms.


What happens if you do not have accounts receivable to factor and sell through credit cards? In a competitive business environment, you can start up and get your business running or get the improvements you need sooner than you think, by securing a merchant cash advance. If you need working capital for an emergency project, we are here to help.




With our programs, you can get cash business advance to finance daily expenses, renovations and other business initiatives that require capital that you may not have. Our merchant financing programs can allow you:

  • Get up to $ 500,000 in 3 to 5 days.
  • Use money without restrictions.
  • Pre-qualify within 24 hours.


Additional benefits include:

  • No guarantee required
  • No application charges.
  • 90% approval rate.
  • Pay as it grows.
  • Get up to $ 20,000 in 24 hours
  • No credit check
  • Liens and Sentences are accepted
  • 99% approval

For How Much Do I Qualify?

merchant cash

Depending on your type of business, years in business and average credit card sales, you may qualify to receive up to $ 500,000 in working capital!


How to qualify?

business loan

  • Be a traditional retail / service / restaurant
  • Have a fixed place of business
  • Accept credit cards as payment




With a cash advance merchant, you will be able to have sufficient funds for a variety of aspects of your business:

  • Roster
  • Inventory
  • Expansion
  • Advertising
  • Remodeling
  • Emergencies
  • New team

We can finance your business quickly! Please call us or use the Free Instant Budget !